Family wealth

Fortifying the legacy.

We understand the need and challenges in protecting and growing the wealth of high net worth families who have often accumulated assets over many family generations.

Most wealth management firms do not specialise in asset structuring, charitable giving, or even multi-generational wealth management. The focus of Entrust is on providing full balance sheet management, asset structuring, protection and maintenance of the family legacy through philanthropic pursuits.

Entrust Advisers act as the central contact working with the family’s existing professional advisers (or where these don’t exist introducing specialist advisers) to deliver a cohesive plan for preserving and/or growing the wealth of high net worth families. Some of the primary services we can provide include:

  • Investment advice and management
  • Charitable management
  • Full cash & liquid funds management
  • Full investment mail house facilities
  • Taxation guidance
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Portfolio tax reporting
  • Banking services
  • Insurance advice and reviews

We understand that the current generation is the benefactor for the future generations and the management of the family’s wealth needs to reflect this ethos.

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Strategic Financial Advice

A considered, smart and completely integrated approach to your financial affairs including wealth protection, insurance, SMSFs and estate planning.

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Portfolio Management

Shares, securities, managed funds, property, term deposits.
We’ll make sense of it all for you and we’ll help you work out what’s right for you.

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Portfolio Administration

Get control of your portfolio.
We’ll show you how to streamline the reporting, administration and banking aspects of your investments.

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